About Us

Ovel Lanegra Rock helps people manage their money. We do this directly through our own free and impartial advice service. We also work in partnership with other organizations to help people make the most of their money. We are an independent service, set up by Professional.

Personal Finance Advice
Our free and impartial Personal finance loan advice is available online. Our website is letting millions of people know about our new free blog service.

We also work with other organizations to make our content available for free where this is helpful to their customers, clients, members, followers or employees. For more information, please contact visit Recent Blogs.

Personal finance loan advice
We work with partners to make Personal finance loan advice easier and quicker to access, and to improve standards and quality across the sector. We are a major funder of free Personal finance loan advice across the world.

Financial capability
We are non profit organization body for improving people’s understanding and knowledge of financial matters and their ability to manage their own financial affairs. In this capacity we work with, support and provide expertise to other organizations in the financial services industry, the third-sector.

Instilling good Personal Finance management habits at an early age is particularly important. Our work with young people is focused on how best to support parents of young children, and on meeting the needs of young adults as they begin to make financial decisions for themselves.